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Wine Glasses You May Encounter at a Wine Tasting

One of the things you maybe haven’t considered if you want to enjoy great-tasting wine is the wine glass. In fact, a lot of wine drinkers think that the selection of glasses made for specific types of wine can enhance the experience and make wine drinking even more enjoyable as it brings out the aroma and flavor.


There are many types of wine glasses suitable for general wine categories. Here are some that you can find when you visit Speckle Rock Vineyards or other vineyards near Escondido.




Red Wine Glasses


Red wine glasses have wider bowls and shorter stems in comparison to white wine glasses. This type of design enhances the characteristics of red wine. For instance, shorter stems are suitable for red wines because they are best presented with their aromas and flavors at room temperature.



Since such wines are most appreciated without chilling, you need not worry about holding the glass at the bowl. Therefore, wine glasses for this type don’t need to be as long, because it doesn’t matter whether you are holding it by its bowl or stem.



Red wines also typically have heavier tannins in comparison with whites. If you want to release the aroma and flavor of wine, it is necessary to aerate the wine to help soften the tannins. Thus, large bowls will be able to provide more surface area to aerate the wine.




White Wine Glasses


These types of glasses are narrow and medium-tall ones with a long stem. Glasses with longer stems help in preserving the temperature of white wine as it is best served chilled. Thus, you have to hold the glass by the stem to keep the ideal temperature longer.



You can use smaller bowls for this matter since white wines need not be aerated as do red wines. Therefore, it is unnecessary to use large bowls. These are common types of glasses found in many of the vineyards near Escondido.




Champagne Glasses


  • Champagne flutes are among the wine glasses that have narrow and long bowls allowing bubbles to rise. These are suitable for serving champagne and sparkling wine.


  • Another type of champagne glass is the champagne saucer, which is short and stout having a shallow and wide bowl.


  • Stemless glasses are those that have a bowl shaped like the stemmed version but without a stem.


  • Bordeaux glasses are wine glasses that are considered all-purpose which are intended to hold both white and red wines.




Wine Glass Colors


Wine glass selection matters if you like to enjoy the experience of drinking wine. Part of the selection process is to pick the right color. As for experts, they prefer clear wine glasses over colored ones. This is because it allows them to observe the clarity, color, and legs of the wine.




Materials Used In Wine Glasses


When visiting the vineyards near Escondido, you will be amazed at the many different types of wine glasses you encounter. Many lovers of wine actually prefer crystal glasses as they feel that the wine can breathe more with the rough surface of the material used. Moreover, many people love the shape of crystal because of the superior light refraction that enhances the colors of the wine.




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creating the best falanghina wine

How Location and Elevation Play Into Creating the Best Falanghina Wine

When it comes to wine selection, there are a few standards to measure its quality. Part of these is the location and the elevation from where they were created. The best Falanghina wine comes from unique terroir, which is a perfect location for ancient Italian grapes to grow. At an elevation of 1,200 feet, Speckle Rock Vineyards is among the best places for grapes to flourish in North America.




Location Is Everything


Basically, the business of viticulture is not just all about the location but also the elevation or how it is positioned. So to have a successful vineyard, it must meet the right elevation, slope, and aspect, which means the direction of the slope to where it is going.




Elements in the Climate


The aspect, elevation, and slope are the key elements embedded within the climate. These are considered the critical components on a terroir. If you want to have a great harvest, to guarantee only the best Falanghina wine, then there should be serious consideration of the climate, soil, and the winemaking technique.



The intensity of the climate in the region can enrich the elevation and the aspect of the vineyard. For example, this is particularly when the region has cold winters and hot summers, such as that in Yakima Valley in Washington.



When the summertime comes, the angle or direction to the sun can affect the amount of sunlight received by the grape plant. This is because the vines require sufficient sunlight to make healthy grapes. However, be careful not to get too much of it, because the plant can get sunburned.



At the same time, the winter months can help in eliminating pests abundant in milder wine growing regions of the United States. This is where the vineyards can become the most effective in its pest management system as it helps in the sustainability of the region in the growth of grapes.




Dormant Vines


Plants go dormant during the winter, but this doesn’t pose a threat to the grape vines. As a matter of fact, some varieties of the vines can withstand temperatures up to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, it happens in the middle of February each year.



However, wine grape growers are more concerned when new buds break and young tissues are vulnerable to the cold nights. This is because, in the month of April, spring frost becomes a concern for hillside vineyards.




Hillside Vineyards


Many of the most renowned vineyards are on hillsides. This is due to its aspect, which is responsible for enhancing its wines. Moreover, the elevation makes it possible for the vines to withstand the cold during winter.



Thus, there is a strong correlation between elevation and location for that matter. So the growers can just sit back knowing that the vineyards are safely situated in the right location during the cold winter months. Indeed, it is important to consider these factors if you want to make the best Falanghina wine.




Speckle Rock Vineyards is located in beautiful Escondido, California and we’re happy to serve the following cities and counties and their surrounding areas in Southern California: Vista, Valley Center, San Marcos, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Ramona, Mesa Grande, Poway, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, and Temecula