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Best Kept Secrets on How to Innovate on Vineyards

We have found dozens of techniques to innovate at our Escondido vineyard, and here are some effective ways that vineyard managers and viticulture growers maybe wouldn’t want to share with you.



Needless to say, everyone is maximizing solutions to cut on labor costs, save water, increase sustainability, and boost efficiency. Here are some effective methods on how to innovate one into an Escondido vineyard.




Machine Labor


If you think that machines are used only by commodity-scale growers, then you might be missing something. This is because it has also become an option for boutique-sized vintners. Aside from the speed of using machines, it has also become more customizable and sensitive.



This has also become an ideal option since the labor pool has become a challenge due to immigration policies and competition from other crops. Even if this option has been around since the 1960s, the use of machine-harvest technology has become even better over the decades.




Using Super Scanners


A number of scanning devices are now becoming in demand because they are able to track everything from sap flow and nitrogen to vine wood health and color accumulation. As a matter of fact, more and more winemakers feel that they can control one of the most fundamental aspects of terroir with unbelievable precision.




Using Drones


The use of drones has also become a necessity in the development of an ideal Escondido vineyard. This is because drones are more versatile when owners would want to tackle different concerns. This is done through aerial crop analysis by surveying a thousand acres of land daily.



At some point, drones are used to assess ripeness variability and vine vigor based on the findings using multispectral cameras. In fact, other types of drones are able to analyze disease pressures and spray fungicides in a more efficient way.




Applying Smart Irrigation


There are remote sensors that would allow the tracking of real-time water usage in vineyards. This allows growers to irrigate their vineyards with great precision. Among the other benefits of using this technology, it has significantly reduced water consumption.




Using Laser Light


Vineyards can be decimated by birds during the harvest season, which resulted in annual losses of $50 million in the state of California alone in a 2013 study. Although netting and loud cannons were traditionally used to address this condition, many areas in Latin America, North America, and Australia have now considered laser systems.



This is because it has been observed to eliminate bird-related crop loss since it was implemented in 2017 when it drove away hungry parrots. The same way finch attacks were reduced by 99.8% in Sonoma County.



There are lots of other options that vineyard owners are considering these days. In fact, many are still experimenting when it comes to wine production optimization and improving the efficiency of the farming process and wine quality.



The smart vineyard solutions market is now focusing on the optimization of crop production and minimization of environmental impact to reduce production costs and improve the quality of the wine. Thus, the modern approach to innovate at our Escondido vineyard is indeed a strategic option after all.




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Guaranteed Ways to Enjoy Your Next Wine Tasting Like a Pro

Are you thrilled to take part in the next wine tasting treat, but a bit hesitant for fear of a bad or negative experience? Well, it is no longer a problem these days because it is a lot easier than you think.



All you have to do is let the flavor flow into your taste buds and get accustomed to what characterizes the wine itself. In fact, you have a lot to think about when it comes to wine varieties, but you should know that there is surely something out there for everybody.



So here are some of the things that you need to know when you seek to acquire the taste of wine in its proper order.



  • Simply Pour Wine in a Glass and Allow it to Settle for 5-30 Minutes.


Take note that wine bottles that are opened for the first time require exposure to air. This will allow the oxidization and production of a more pleasant and mellow beverage. Drinking it right away after opening the bottle might just give you a thin body and not its full taste.



  • Use the Recommended Wine Glass


The classic wine glass will trap the aroma of the wine to enable you to smell it more accurately. At some point, experienced wine tasters use their noses to capture its smell wherein they can taste the flavor that resembles cut fruits, hot tea, or minced herbs.



  • Swirl the Wine inside the Glass


When you observe the characteristics of wine, do not just rely on first impressions. Try to observe how it sticks to the side of the glass or how it sloshes around so quickly.


This will also allow you to look at the color of the wine in which experts can tell its taste just by looking at it. But for first timers, you need to pay attention first on how it behaves in contrast to how it tastes.


If you encounter some terms such as when the wine has legs, you should be aware that it only means that the wine sticks to the side of the glass. So if the color of the wine looks deeper and darker, it should have a bolder taste.



  • Take a Sip


The next step that you are going to do when you engage in wine tasting is to let it flow over the tip of your tongue, as it goes over both sides, underneath, and back into your mouth. You can swallow or spit the wine out the moment you notice the taste. Then, you can breathe in through your mouth as you draw air over all those parts of your tongue again.



  • Develop the Skill of your Palate


You need to keep track of the taste in wines that you like and dislike. You may write down your impressions of each wine so that you can go back and reference past tasting patterns.




There are also other techniques on how to taste wine properly. These involve trying different varieties of wine and exploring combinations of it on various occasions and with other people. This way, you can explore more options on how to effectively become an expert in wine tasting.




Speckle Rock Vineyards is located in beautiful Escondido, California and we’re happy to serve the following cities and counties and their surrounding areas in Southern California: Vista, Valley Center, San Marcos, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Ramona, Mesa Grande, Poway, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, and Temecula