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Five Rules to Perfectly Pair Wine with Food

Have you ever held a glass of San Diego wine and thought to yourself, “what food am I going to pair with this?” You are not alone. Wine lovers all over the world always have that one dilemma when it comes to pairing wine with food.   But the truth is, food and wine pairings […]

Escondido wine tasting events

Four Things You Can Learn from Escondido Wine Tasting Events

More than its palm trees and sunny days, California is widely known for its world-class wines. And most of the credit goes to some of the state’s excellent wineries, many of which are located in the Southern California region. If you have a love affair with wine, attending one of the many Escondido wine tasting […]

San Diego winery

Things That Make a Great San Diego Winery

San Diego has bloomed in more ways than we can imagine. But if there’s one thing that has always stayed true to San Diego for many years, it is the beauty and abundance of its wineries. Today, San Diego County has more than 115 dynamic wineries where some of the best wines in the world […]

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Main Differences between Vineyards and Wineries

It’s hard to resist a glass of good wine, that’s for sure. Every year, millions of people who love drinking vineyard wine dream of visiting some of the best vineyards and wineries in the world to see where this immaculate beverage comes from. But the lingering question is: what exactly is the difference between vineyards […]

escondido vineyard tips

Best Kept Secrets on How to Innovate on Vineyards

We have found dozens of techniques to innovate at our Escondido vineyard, and here are some effective ways that vineyard managers and viticulture growers maybe wouldn’t want to share with you.     Needless to say, everyone is maximizing solutions to cut on labor costs, save water, increase sustainability, and boost efficiency. Here are some […]

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Guaranteed Ways to Enjoy Your Next Wine Tasting Like a Pro

Are you thrilled to take part in the next wine tasting treat, but a bit hesitant for fear of a bad or negative experience? Well, it is no longer a problem these days because it is a lot easier than you think.     All you have to do is let the flavor flow into […]

wine glasses - vineyards near Escondido

Wine Glasses You May Encounter at a Wine Tasting

One of the things you maybe haven’t considered if you want to enjoy great-tasting wine is the wine glass. In fact, a lot of wine drinkers think that the selection of glasses made for specific types of wine can enhance the experience and make wine drinking even more enjoyable as it brings out the aroma […]

creating the best falanghina wine

How Location and Elevation Play Into Creating the Best Falanghina Wine

When it comes to wine selection, there are a few standards to measure its quality. Part of these is the location and the elevation from where they were created. The best Falanghina wine comes from unique terroir, which is a perfect location for ancient Italian grapes to grow. At an elevation of 1,200 feet, Speckle […]

vineyards in temecula - sites to see

Planning a Trip to Temecula: Some Interesting Sites to Include on Your Journey

Knowing that there are many vineyards in Temecula, planning a trip to the area should definitely include a trip to one. Not only will you learn about the wine-making process, but you will also come out of it more appreciative of the drink and its characteristics. Speckle Rock Vineyards is in the area so do […]

red and white wine tasting

Red or White Wine? A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Tasting

It’s understandable to feel a bit daunted by the prospect of trying out a new bottle of wine. With a wide variety of choices available, how are you supposed to come up with a decision? If you want to start simple and go with a red or white for wine tasting, here’s a guide to […]


2016 tempranillo

Tempranillo & BBQ

Please Join Us! Speckle Rock Vineyards is proud to release its 2016 Tempranillo to the public. Please join us at our new picnic area along with San Diego’s own CharBBQ to celebrate it’s release. Tickets are available now. TICKET INCLUDES: One glass of 2016 Speckle Rock Vineyards Tempranillo and one plate of BBQ brisket/pulled pork […]


Opening weekend at Speckle Rock Vineyards

It was a beautiful day at the winery, the sun was out and many wine bottles were opened. We were unsure about who was going to show up, but our attendance ended up being outstanding. Word got out that Speckle Rock Vineyard’s tasting room was open and we had a phenomenal weekend full of positive […]


Speckle Rock Vineyards Grand Opening 07/21/18

Speckle Rock Winery, located in Escondido, California, is overjoyed to announce the opening of the tasting room this weekend, July 21st. For the last 4 years, we have been growing and aging our wines. The outcome is spectacular, both our bottled and cellared wines have aged impressively. We are proud of our unique varietal selection […]