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Things That Make a Great San Diego Winery

San Diego has bloomed in more ways than we can imagine. But if there’s one thing that has always stayed true to San Diego for many years, it is the beauty and abundance of its wineries. Today, San Diego County has more than 115 dynamic wineries where some of the best wines in the world are produced. But what exactly makes a great San Diego winery?



Passion is in the DNA of San Diego winemakers


Critics would say that there are many other good wineries located around the world. But one of the things that separate a good San Diego winery from others is the passion of its winemakers. Over the years, winemakers in the Southern California region have perfected their craft and are now growing more than 60 vinifera varietals taking advantage of its varied topography. A great San Diego winery with its passionate winemakers is capable of producing the best varieties of grapes anywhere in the US by utilizing the region’s many distinct micro-climates.



San Diego is a Perfect Place for Growing good Grapes


One of the biggest advantages of any San Diego winery is its geography. San Diego is known to have an ideal climate for growing grapes. You’ll see vineyards and wineries across the region with grapes growing on mountains, coastlines, canyons, deserts and at sea levels that reach up to 4,200 feet. San Diego’s climate is reminiscent of the Mediterranean where long hot days and cold nights are balanced out with beautiful ocean breezes. This climate makes San Diego suitable for growing varietals like Syrah, Marsanne, Roussanne from France and Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Barbera from Southern Italy.



The Beginnings of Wine Production in California began in San Diego


California is known as one of America’s largest wine producers and it was in San Diego that the first wine grapes in the state were planted. Today, San Diego has two recognized American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). San Pasqual Valley is one of the oldest AVA designations in the United States as it was established in 1981. Ramona Valley, on the other hand, was established in 2006 and now has the densest population of wineries in the San Diego county. San Diego wineries have been around for many years and are still producing some of the best wines anywhere in the world. Its wines are now highly recognized for their quality, richness, aroma, and concentration that can rival the famous wineries in Italy and France.



San Diego wineries are in it for the Long Run


San Diego is home to some of the oldest vineyards and wineries in the country, and these establishments continue to thrive today because they are focused on using only the best grapes and following the best processes to create world-class wines that wine lovers have come to love and follow throughout the years.



When you visit a San Diego winery, you can expect nothing less than the best wines in town. While there are a lot of competitors out there, the great ones will stand the test of time.



Speckle Rock Vineyards is located in beautiful Escondido, California and we’re happy to serve the following cities and counties and their surrounding areas in Southern California: Vista, Valley Center, San Marcos, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Ramona, Mesa Grande, Poway, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, and Temecula

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