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Organizing a Successful Wine Tasting Event

Wine and parties always sound good together, don’t they? But if you’re on the organizing end of things, putting together successful Escondido wine tasting events can be exhausting and stressful. It doesn’t have to be, however, especially if you have these five no-nonsense tricks up your sleeve:



How much Wine will you need?


The best Escondido wine tasting events don’t always have the most wines. The rule here is to go for quality over quantity. You’ll only need between 8-10 different kinds of wine at your event and present them two at a time so guests can really appreciate each varietal.


Each guest should also have at least two wine glasses. If you’re hosting an event with 12 guests plus a presenter, one bottle per varietal is already enough for everyone.



How much Wine should be Served?


Keep in mind that you’re organizing a wine tasting event, not a drinking party where your guests will go home drunk. A 2oz portion of the wine is already enough for your guest to appreciate the flavor of the wine; so one bottle of wine holds enough for 13 guests.


It’s also very important to provide pouring buckets for unfinished wine samples since your guests are not required to consume the wine poured for them.



How many Varieties should be Presented?


In most Escondido wine tasting events, red wines tend to be more popular than whites. So, experts recommend that you present at least six reds and two whites during your event. You should also keep the variety diverse by choosing wines from different parts of California.



How should the Event go about?


Just like any other event, you have to choose a theme that’s related to wines. It could be something about California or different food and wine pairings that guests will be interested in.


It would also help to hire a wine educator or sommelier to host the event so guests can really learn more about the wines being presented and make your wine tasting look and feel more professional.


If you’re going for a food and wine pairing event, make sure to do your research first to really offer good pairings for your guests to enjoy. Remember that one should complement the other not outshine them.


Most wines go well with cold cuts, chocolates, and cheese, so they are no-fail options for your wine tasting event. You can also learn more about the origins of your wine offerings and find food that is from the same region of origin.



What Else do you need for the Event?


Finally, you need the right tools for your wine tasting event. Aside from preparing two wine glasses for each guest, make sure that you have a few batches on-hand in case of breakage. Ice buckets and refrigerators are also essential to keep white wines chilled. You should also have plenty of water bottles to gives your guests to drink during the event and pouring buckets should be placed strategically in your venue for easy access.



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