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Welcome to Speckle Rock Vineyards

San Diego is the 5th largest county for Type 2 winemaker license in California. From 2015-2016 wine sales increased 88%, and generated $30.4 million in regional economic impact. Speckle Rock Vineyard and DG Cellars winery co-exist on the Perrin Oak Ranch, that is located at the 1200-foot elevation mark high atop Highland Valley Road, Escondido California. The recently completed, modern 4000 square foot winery features five Sonoma Cast stone concrete tanks, surrounded by all the latest high-quality equipment, and sparkling stainless steel. Our Head Winemaker is Ivan Caloca, who hired on at the start of 2017 season. He came to us from Paralelo winery owned by Casa De Piedra located in the Guadalupe Valley Ensenada, Mexico. Speckle rock Vineyards is entering its fourth vintage season and all the bottled & cellared wines are expressing themselves spectacularly. We are very proud of our unique varietal selection, it gives us a huge selection to play with from varietal wines to blends. Varietals planted are Sauvignon Blanc, Falanghina, Clairette Blanc, Pinot Meunier, Grenache, Merlot, Petite Syrah, Carmenere, Sangiovese, and Tempranillo. The 2015 vintage was field blended & is still barrel aging, the 2016 vintage is already bottled, and 2017 we have bottled two whites, one rose’.

The property has many unique features, such as a majestic marine layer that come in from the coast just 24 miles away via the San Pasqual Valley directly below us and covers the vineyard in morning fog regularly.

The 200 plus acre Perrin Oak Ranch has gorgeous granite rock features, offers 360-degree panoramic views from its many hilltops. The lush valleys are lined with old Oak trees, a private lake, ponds, waterfalls, rock features. The grove side of the property has 1400 avocado trees, a selection of citrus trees, and vegetable garden. But the highlight is the 23 acres of rolling hillside vineyard, with over a dozen private picnic setting to choose from, all with food and wine pairings to enjoy a great picnic in the country.

The property has a warming calmness to it. Once you enter the gates, you will feel the open space and you will want to come back to claim your own piece of the private & secluded countryside paradise. It has an overwhelming presence of serenity, placidity, tranquility. We are hoping to always be a favorite place for the refined wine lovers, adventurers at heart and youthful wine explorers.

We welcome you to Speckle Rock Vineyards!

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