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Let’s Drink to That! Utilizing Wine Tasting Events to Develop One’s Business

It’s not surprising that some of the best business deals are made over wine and cheese at a wine tasting event. Wine relaxes people as a new study in the UK confirmed and this effect seems to double when you are dealing with people who are in love with wine in the first place.



Wine tasting is at best a social activity — that in itself is the perfect opportunity to get to know people for business contacts. This subtle marketing strategy hinged on the universal love for wine can be tapped for pretty awesome results.




Wine Tasting: A Sensory Experience


Wine tasting events or tours are organized for people to partake in wine, examine its taste, and mingle, of course. The act of setting aside time and effort for this sensory experience is a throwback to the time when ancient winemakers pause and taste their own concoctions.



Is it good? How good is it? What makes it good? The heightened senses of the winemakers as they look, swirl, smell, and taste are all for judging the sweetness, the character, and even the tanginess of what they have lovingly made and stored in their cellars for months.



Of course, the wine tasting events of the yesteryears are far from the elaborate set-up that the modern world has. Vineyards and wineries, for instance, organize wine tasting events for guests to taste their house specials with a guided tour of the winemaking process and the varietals featured. Department stores and corporate entities can also conduct their own wine tasting event for their beloved clients.


What’s amazing now is you can hold a wine tasting event with a strategy to develop contacts for business.




Wine Tasting for Your Business


There is a myriad of reasons why wine tasting can be a golden opportunity to develop a network for business purposes. And the best part is, you can do it yourself or ask the help of someone at Speckle Rock Vineyards to set the stage for your appearance.


  1. Wine tasting is an intimate event. Whether they are hosted in tasting rooms, function halls, or directly at the vineyard, wine tasting has always been about the wine and never about the number of attendees. Of course, this limited number of people makes it easier for you and everyone else to go around and interact.
  2. When wines are pouring so do conversations. Wines can ease tension and lighten things up especially when inside an air-conditioned room. People are more likely to be casual and friendly for chitchats after a glass of good wine.
  3. Wine breaks the ice. When people with common interests meet, they share an inherent liking toward each other. This, again, helps them become more open to ideas presented before them.
  4. Wine brings people together. It’s not unusual for wine enthusiasts to know each other, even in the smallest of cliques on Facebook or a Sunday club. People you invite over can introduce you to a friend or two, widening your business network.



At the end of the day, it’s who you know that matters especially if your business involves meeting other people, e.g. sales, marketing, real estate, insurance, and winemaking, of course.





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