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San Diego and Its Love for Wine

Wine and dine. Days of wine and roses. One tends to associate wine with good taste, good food, and good company even when you are by yourself. Look no further than wineries in San Diego where making good wine is serious business and tasting wine gets better with age.



Wineries in San Diego


San Diego was once hailed the wine capital of California. It is, however, the first county in the state to have grown grapes and produced them into wine.



The San Diego Official Tourism Authority accounts for more than 100 wineries in the county today. Wines they produce are extracted from a diverse number of varieties or varietals cultivated in the Mediterranean-like climate of San Diego.



With vineyards and wineries in San Diego, wine tasting tours run in abundance. There you’ll have a good look at the place they grow their grapes, chat with the owners, and taste the wine they make with tender loving care.



San Diego Wine Tasting Rooms


San Diego is not a top wine destination for nothing. There’s plenty to look around for those locally produced, specialty wines.



So, how to book a wine tour?


  • Whether you go all countryside or downtown, there’s good wine waiting for you to smell, swirl, and sip. For starters, you can look up San Pasqual Valley and Ramona Valley which are both designated as an American Viticultural Area. AVAs are regions federally recognized as wine-growing areas in the U.S. AVAs act as pedigrees — they tell you where your wine came from geographically speaking. San Pasqual Valley, who has the older AVA designation than Ramona Valley, sits close to Escondido that has its fair share of quality wineries.


  • Tasting rooms are open for a given period on summer months, from March to November, and so on. They can accommodate guests on weekdays or weekends, or per appointment. Check with the winery first for any tours or events.


  • Fees vary for the wine tasting. Say, for a fee, you’ll get to taste 4 to 5 wines. Cheese and other accompaniments may be available. Look up what’s available for tasting.


  • The wine, of course. Wineries in San Diego each have their own specialties – varietals where in case you don’t know are wines made from a single grape variety like Sauvignon Blanc, wines from two varieties e.g. Rose, and more. Given that San Diego vineyards and other wineries in San Diego operate in a microcosm of temperatures, you’d expect that the climate, the aging process, and the production method all combine to create estate wines of varying flavors and textures.



Who’s in for a Wine Tour?


Did that whet your appetite for good wine? Book a tour in any of your chosen wineries in San Diego. Don’t worry, the experience itself will be exquisite – it’s definitely not any tour where you are all herded from one destination to another. It’s as intimate as it gets and you get to meet fellow wine lovers and the makers, too.




Speckle Rock Vineyards is located in beautiful Escondido, California and we’re happy to serve the following cities and counties and their surrounding areas in Southern California: Vista, Valley Center, San Marcos, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Ramona, Mesa Grande, Poway, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, and Temecula

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